~ Lessons ~

"Arm yourself with faith in God, love toward your

fellow men and knowledge.

Great examples are the noblest legacies from the past;

they enrich a nation more than wealth or power."





Labor unceasingly for the good of mankind.



Are the knightly virtues obsolete in the modern world?



Three skulls, three funeral urns, the mystic ladder,

the double headed eagle.

The Thirtieth Degree

"Knight Kadosh or Knight

of the White and Black Eagle"

~ Summary ~

This is the last of the philosophical degrees. To spread

the sciences, to apply the virtues, to learn the sublime

doctrines which enable humanity to live as one great

family - this is the school of which Masonry is engaged.

It is not within the realm of Masonry to punish oppressors

and tyrants who enact barriers to brotherly love and

affection. They are always punished in the course of

history. It is our goal to defeat the passions and

fanaticism which led to oppression by spreading love

and toleration. The Knight Kadosh is aware of his

obligations. He is just, equitable, and respectful of all

ideas. He battles for freedom of conscience. He opposes

those who would attack these liberties, but material

revenge is not in his thoughts and philosophy. He is a

lover of great example.


No apron is worn.

The Cordon is a black watered silk ribbon, four or five

inches wide, edged with narrow silver lace and worn

across the body, from left to right. The letters 'K' and 'H'

are embroidered in scarlet silk on the front part of the

cordon. They stand for the Hebrew words meaning

'House of the Temple.' Also embroidered on the cordon

are two Teutonic Crosses and a double headed eagle,

his wings extended, holding a poniard in his claws. The

two heads and the blade of the poniard are of gold.

The handle of the poniard is oval, one-half of it white

and the other black. The colors represent the division

of good and evil in the universe.


The jewel is a double headed eagle, with wings spread,

and measuring about one inch across from outside to

outside of the wings. The eagle rests upon a Teutonic

Cross one and a half inches in size. The eagle is of

silver, and the cross of gold, enameled with red.



The head band appears to be of black watered silk

with tassels. The next accessory is a black leather

 belt with a buckle in the form of Teutonic Cross, upon

which the sword is attached with a golden chain.


   "This is the last of the Chivalric Degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry. The lessons are derived from history. The

historical figure associated with the legend is Jacques De Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, an

order created during the Crusades. It was destroyed by Philip IV of France and Pope Clement V in the early 14th

century. De Molay was put to death, having renounced his confession which had been extracted under torture.

Before his death, he accurately predicted the deaths of both Philip and Clement within a year.

    The word Kadosh is Hebrew and Pike says that it means 'holy,' hence Knight Kadosh means Holy Knight, or Knight

of the Temple. The good and true Knight Kadosh is armed outwardly with steel but inwardly with faith in God, love

toward his fellow man and knowledge. The primary purpose of this degree is to make real, in action, the noblest

sentiments of man. The Knight Kadosh has as his mission to restore to man all his powers and the whole dignity of

manhood and to make true again the ancient description of man that he was made in the image of the Deity.

(Hutchens, p. 282)



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