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Guard Commander

Ill. Wilmer T. Atwell, 33

Scottish Guard Officers 2012

























David O. Wotherspoon Award

Ill. Jack M. Newport, 33, Past Captain

C. Robert Cooper, 32 KCCH, Past Captain

Ill. John R. Stokes, 33, Past Captain


Robert Bracewell, 32 .. All Guardsmen

Honor Guard

Captain, 1st and 2nd Lts.


Commander and Captain

Fund Raising

Ill. John R. Stokes, 33, Past Captain

Samuel D. Hope, 32 KCCH


Brian R. Poole, 32 KCCH

Clayton Vandiver, 32

Sick and Visitation





The Scottish Rite has been unique to the Jacksonville Bodies. The Guard was formed during the early days of our history and has been contributing to the esoteric and service needs of these bodies since it's inception into the Bodies.

The Purpose of the Scottish Rite Guard

    To participate in the ritualistic degrees of the Rite when requested by the

        Director of Work.

    To form an escort of Honor at the funeral of a deceased Brother of the Rite,

        and to form a  Reception Committee for any assembly of the Rite of 

        whatever nature when called upon to do so.

    To be a service organization of the Scottish Rite Bodies in the Valley of


    To assist the Personal Representative and the regular officers of the Rite in

       maintaining decorum and harmony in all areas of the Center and the Rite.

    To assist and carry out the requests and wishes of the Sovereign Grand

        Inspector General or Deputy, in the Orient of Florida and /or his Personal

       Representative in the Valley of Jacksonville, and to assist in carrying out the

       programs of the Executive Committee and the Heads of the Four Coordinate

       Bodies of  the said Rite, when requested of the Captain of the Guard.

    To invite desirable Master Masons, who have passed their proficiency

        examination, or have been a Master Mason for no less than six months, to

        apply for the Scottish Rite degrees and to work generally for the up-

        building  of the Rite.

     To attend all assemblies of the Scottish Rite Guard and all regular meetings

        of the Scottish Rite Bodies and to wear the uniform of the Guard when

        instructed by the Captain.

Membership in the Guard

Since the Jacksonville Scottish Rite Guard may consist of no more than

     sixty-five Regular members and thirty five probationary members,

     membership is special. Our Past Captains are not counted as part of the

     sixty-five regular member limit.


Probationary members are balloted upon after due investigation by the

    Membership Committee and in order of the application seniority.

    All probationary members are afforded to all the rights and privileges  of a

    regular member, with the exception of the ballot and signing a membership



The new probationary is governed by the same rules and regulations as a

     regular member.  After a time period of service the probationary may be

     initiated into regular membership. His initiation will depend upon his service

     and attendance record.



Membership Application 

in pdf. file form

(Open Only to Members of the Jacksonville Scottish Rite Bodies)







What a Great Float!






Living Past Commanders

Living Past Captains

    1995 - 2003     

William L. Purcell

1973 ..

                George Atchley
    1975 ..                 William Purcell
    1980 ..                 Elwood Smith
    1981 ..                 Robert Lee
    1983 ..                 Walter Hammond
    1984 ..                 Samuel Reasor
    1987 ..                 William Ferrell
    1990 ..                 C. J. Kicklighter
    1991 ..                 Ken Holt
    1993 ..                 Ronald Taylor
    1995 ..                 Quinnie Williams
    1997 ..                 Robert Beaty
    1998 ..                 Hal Hunter
    1999 ..                 Hiram Robinson
    2000 ..                 Carl Johnson
    2001 ..                 Darryl D'Angina
    2002 ..                 Wilmer Atwell     
    2003 ..

Floyd Fields

    2005 ..

Jack M. Newport

    2006 ..

Lowell D. Crane

    2008 ..

C. Robert Cooper

    2009 ..

John Robert Stokes

    2010 ..

Michael Pete Trent

    2011 ..

Lewis E. Duffey, Sr.

    2012 ..

Rory St John



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