~ Lessons ~

"Ambition creates tyranny and despotism.

Fanaticism creates intolerance and persecution."






Be tolerant and liberal.

War against fanaticism and persecution with

education and enlightenment.



Are you tolerant even of intolerance?



Fifteen candles of yellow wax, swords with

points touching in a circle, the assassins.


The Tenth Degree

"Elu of the Fifteen"

~ Summary ~


Masons will always be opposed to ignorance,

fanaticism, and tyranny. While it is our duty to

continuously fight against these oppressive forces, we

must ourselves be educated, tolerant, and open to

freedom of thought. The war against fanaticism and

terrorism is won with education and enlightenment.


The apron is white, lined, edged and fringed with black; the flap also is black. In the center are painted or embroidered three gates, and over each gate is a head impaled on a spike. The black represents the sorrow caused by the deed of those men whose heads now grace the arches. The heads themselves represent ignorance, tyranny, and fanaticism. It is against these vices that Masonry is particularly opposed.

The jewel is a dagger, its hilt gold and its blade silver; it hangs from the end of the cordon.

The cordon is a broad watered black ribbon, worn from right to left; on the front of which are embroidered three heads. The heads upon the cordon also represent ignorance, tyranny and fanaticism or intolerance, smitten by the sword of freedom.


   This degree depicts the capture of the two remaining murderers of Master Hiram. "This degree is a continuation and conclusion of the punishment inflicted upon the two remaining traitors for their atrocious crimes. King Solomon added six more craftsmen to the nine already elected and these fifteen then set forth in search which succeeded in capturing the two remaining murderers, who were found working in a quarry. They were taken to Jerusalem for trial, where they pleaded guilty and were hanged and beheaded." Symbolically these men represent the enemies of all freedoms, but mostly uncontrolled emotion, out of which arises tyranny and despotism; and fanaticism from which intolerance and persecution are born.



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