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The Scottish Rite is a complete system of Freemasonry, embodying in its Degrees all Masonic teachings, and in its administration, all forms of Masonic endeavor. It has existed in the United States since 1763. In Florida it confines itself to the degrees beginning with the fourth and ending with the thirty-second degree. Each degree is in the form of a play  and dramatically portrays the lessons contained therein. No memory work, on the part of the candidate, is required.



Scottish Rite of Freemasonry,

Southern Jurisdiction

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Northern Jurisdiction

All Scottish Rite Bodies

Southern Jurisdiction



Orients Southern Jurisdiction Websites

Scottish Rite of Alabama

Scottish Rite of Alaska

Scottish Rite of Western Arkansas

 Scottish Rite of Arizona

Scottish Rite of Georgia


 Scottish Rite of Idaho

Scottish Rite of Louisiana

Scottish Rite of Minnesota


Scottish Rite of Mississippi

 Scottish Rite of Montana

Scottish Rite of North Carolina

 Scottish Rite of Oregon

Scottish Rite of Tennessee

Scottish Rite of Utah

Scottish Rite of Virginia  Scottish Rite of Washington
Scottish Rite of West Virginia  Scottish Rite of   Wyoming

Valleys Southern Jurisdiction

 Huntsville Scottish Rite, Alabama

Fairbanks, Alaska

 Fort Smith, Arkansas Scottish Rite  Burlingame Scottish Rite, California
 Long Beach Scottish Rite, California  Oakland Scottish Rite, California
 Santa Barbara, California San Diego, California
 Santa Rosa, California  Valley of Denver, Colorado
 Scottish Rite  District of Columbia Lake Worth, Florida
Miami, Florida Ocala, Florida
Orlando, Florida Tampa Scottish Rite
 Valley of Albany, Georgia  Valley of Atlanta, Georgia
 Valley of Augusta, Georgia  Valley of Columbus, Georgia
 Valley of Macon, Georgia  Valley of Savannah, Georgia
Wichita, Kansas  Valley of Lexington, Kentucky
 Valley of Baton Rouge, Louisiana  Valley of New Orleans, Louisiana
 Valley of Kansas City, Missouri   Valley of Omaha, Nebraska
Valley of Las Cruces, New Mexico  Valley of Santa Fe, New Mexico
Charlotte, North Carolina Winston-Salem, North Carolina
 Guthrie, Oklahoma Scottish Rite Portland Valley Scottish Rite, Oregon
Knoxville Scottish Rite Bodies  
Dallas Scottish Rite Bodies  Valley of Houston, Texas

Waco Scottish Rite Bodies, Texas

 Valley of Alexandria, Virginia
 Valley of Norfolk, Virginia  Valley of Portsmouth, Virginia
 Valley of Roanoke, Virginia  Washington-Valley of Bellingham
Washington-Valley of Bremerton Washington-Valley of Olympia
Washington-Valley of Seattle Washington-Valley of Tacoma
Washington-Valley of Wenatchee  Washington-Valley of Yakima
Orients Northern Jurisdiction Websites
Scottish Rite of Maine Scottish Rite of Massachusetts
Scottish Rite of Michigan Scottish Rite of New Jersey
Scottish Rite of New York Scottish Rite of Ohio
Scottish Rite of Pennsylvania Scottish Rite of Rhode Island
Scottish Rite of Vermont Scottish Rite of Wisconsin
Valleys Northern Jurisdiction
Chicago, Illinois Fort Wayne, Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana Lowell, Massachusetts
Bay City, Michigan  
 Detroit, Michigan  Grand Rapids, Michigan
 Marquette, Michigan Traverse City, Michigan
 Northern New Jersey Valley of Albany, New York
 Valley of New York, New York Cambridge, Ohio
 Canton, Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio
  Cleveland Ohio Columbus, Ohio
 Dayton, Ohio  Toledo, Ohio
 Allentown, Pennsylvania Coudersport, Pennsylvania
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
   Providence, Rhode Island
Websites Outside Our Continental Borders
Scottish Rite of Canada Scottish Rite Bodies (Philippines)

  The Scottish Rite in Mexico


Supremo Consejo De Mexico

   Hermano Pedro's Page
Scottish Rite in Lebanon  
Scottish Rite Hospitals & Foundations
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital

Scottish Rite Children's Medical Center

Atlanta, Georgia

   Scottish Rite Foundation of Wyoming



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