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Ronald A. Seale, 33

Sovereign Grand Commander

Southern Jurisdiction of the United Sates of America


 WASHINGTON, D.C. On October 7, 2003, Ronald A. Seale of Baton Rouge, Louisiana was elected Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite Supreme Council, 33, for Southern Jurisdiction of the United States. He succeeds C. Fred Kleinknecht who retired the after serving as the organizations chief executive officer for the past 18 years.


A graduate of Louisiana State University in 1970 with a Juris Doctor form Cumberland School of Law at Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama in 1973, Seale entered Law practice in Baton Rouge in 1974 and is a member of the American, Louisiana, and Baton Rouge Bar Associations as well as the International Association of Defense Counsel.


A member of the First United Methodist Church of Baton Rouge, Seale has been active for over 30 years as a teacher of adults and youth in Sunday School, Youth Coordinator and a delegate to the Louisiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.


His past civic involvements include service on the Board of Directors of the American Cancer Society in Baton Rouge and the Board of Directors of the Louisiana Sheltered Workshops. He holds a private pilot's license and is active in amateur radio.


Seale began his Masonic career in 1962 as a member and then Master Councilor of Pelican Chapter, Order of DeMolay, in Baton Rouge, and is now an active member of International Supreme Council, Order of DeMolay. Raised a Master Mason in 1969 in East Gate Lodge No. 452, Baton Rouge (Master in 1988), he now serves the Grand Lodge of Louisiana as a member of the Law and Jurisprudence Committee. A longtime member of the Scottish Rite in Baton Rouge, Seale was honored as a Knight Commander Court of Honour (KCCH) in 1977, Inspector General Honorary, 33, in 1993, and Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Louisiana in 1995.



Ill. Dale I. Goehrig, 33  

S.G.I.G. in Florida


Ill. Samuel E. Cowan III, 33

Personal Representative to the S.G.I.G. in Florida

Valley of Jacksonville

Orient of Florida


Ill. David A. Yarborough, 33

General Secretary , Jacksonville Scottish Rite Bodies

G. E. "Speed" Newman, Jr., 32

Treasurer, Jacksonville Scottish Rite Bodies

Brother Michael G. Pease, 32

Almoner, Jacksonville Scottish Rite Bodies

Einor Nordeng

Tyler, Jacksonville Scottish Rite Bodies


Jacksonville Lodge of perfection - Jacksonville Chapter Knights Rose Croix

Jacksonville Council Knights Kadosh - Jacksonville Consistory


Jacksonville Consistory

M. Dniel Fullwood, 32

Master of Kadosh


Rory St. John, 32 KCCH Prior
Corey Kosciuszko, 32 Preceptor
Robert Bracewell, 32 Chancellor
C. Robert Cooper, 32 KCCH Minister of State
Michael G. Pease, 32 Almoner
G. E. "Speed" Newman, Jr.,32 Treasurer
Ill. David A. Yarborough, 33 General Secretary
Mike Fountain, 32 Prelate
Darryl Boone Master of Ceremonies
Rudy Boatright Expert
William David Crime, 32 Assistant Expert
  Captain of Guard
Einor Nordeng Tyler





Jacksonville Lodge of Perfection

Robert Johns, 32

Venerable Master


Howard Hall, 32 KCCH

Senior Warden

Gurney Atwell, 32 KCCH Junior Warden
Ron George, 32 Orator
Michael G. Pease, 32 Almoner
G. E. "Speed" Newman, Jr.,32 Treasurer
Ill. David A. Yarborough, 33 General Secretary
Jamie Acoba, 32 Prelate
TBA Master of Ceremonies
TBA Expert
TBA Assistant Expert
Captain of the Host
Einor Nordeng Tyler











Jacksonville Chapter Knights Rose Croix





William F. Ellis

Wise Master


Thomas P. O'Donnell Senior Warden
Tom Tercha Junior Warden
Ray Runyan Orator
Michael G. Pease, 32 Almoner
G. E. "Speed" Newman, Jr.,32 Treasurer
Ill. David A. Yarborough, 33 General Secretary
Larry Rogers Master of Ceremonies
Mike Minter  Expert
Hussein Abboud, 32

Assistant Expert

TBA Standard Bearer

Guardian of the Temple

Einor Nordeng Tyler









Jacksonville Council Knights Kadosh




Eric Lown, 32 KCCH




Kevin S. Sanders, 32 KCCH 1st Lieutenant Commander
Samuel Hope, 32 KCCH 2nd Lieutenant Commander
Joseph "Gunny" Wilkerson Chancellor
Antonio C. Chavez, 32 Orator
Michael G. Pease, 32 Almoner
G. E. "Speed" Newman, Jr.,32 Treasurer
Ill. David A. Yarborough, 33 General Secretary
James Elrod, 32 Master of Ceremonies
Raymond Dale Ware, Jr. 32 KCCH Turcopillar
Nicholas Ware, 32 Draper
Kolen Sawyer, 32  First Deacon
Kevin Sawyer, 32 Second Deacon
Brian Poole, 32 KCCH Bearer of Beausant
Bryant Edward Samuelson, 32 Bearer of White Standard
TBA Bearer of Black Standard

Lieutenant of Guard

Einor Nording, 32 KCCH Tyler




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Ill. Jack M. Newport, 33,

Ill. David A. Yarborough, 33, General Secretary

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