An award luncheon was held at the Hyatt Regency on the Jacksonville Riverfront, November 5, 2008, at 12:00 Noon by the Florida First Coast Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Ms. Betsy Lovett acted as the Honorary Chairperson. This luncheon was to celebrate philanthropy in the Jacksonville community. Mr. Fernando Acosts-Rua was the keynote speaker..

     Florida First Coast Chapter Award Winners were:



Terry and Michael Ward


Scottish Rite Foundation


Meninak Club


Paul C. Bosland




Beaches Keystone Club



      Ill. C. J. Kicklighter, 33°, G.C., accepted the award on behalf of the Jacksonville Scottish Rite. The following was his acceptance speech:

      On behalf of the Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida, I am proud to accept this great honor for the Jacksonville Scottish Rite Bodies.

      Ill. Robert L. Goldsmith, 33°, President of the Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida was not able to attend the meeting today.

      John Palumbo, 32° K.C.C.H., Trustee of the Foundation and his committee are clear evidence of Florida Scottish Rite “Caring and Sharing” in helping to build America’s future by investing in the youth of today.

      Members of the Scottish Rite volunteer ( no salaries are paid) to do the work of the Foundation; therefore, 94% of all donations are used for the care of the children.

   The children are tomorrow citizens and with the service of the Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida, children can overcome their challenges which are major obstacles to their future. To hear, to speak and to understand are the basic steps of language development. The Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida has helped to bring children from

silence, loneliness and despair to speech, companionship and happiness.

     Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida Clinics, centers and programs are providing help for thousands of children in the State of Florida who might have remained handicapped for a lifetime, can now talk, read, hear and lead useful lives. All childhood language disorders are treated.

     What a joy it is to see little faces light-up when they discover that they can master their speech defects.

   The Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida will continue working with the Wolfson Children’s Clinic to assist children needing treatment. He who bends down to help little children raises himself.