Did  Freemasons  Exist  Before  Christ?



The funeral Monument of Lucius Alfius Statius. Found in Aquileia, via Petrada. Underneath the inscription are the seven tools of a Master Mason. Parallel to the lower edge of the writing, we see a gauge (regula) with measuring lines for different distances. Left under it are a setting level and a plumb bob with cord. The compass (circulus ), square ( norma ), setting maul (malleus) and five chisels (scalprum) or chalk and charcoal. Dated from 2 or 3 generations before the time of Jesus.

This Is The Base Of Cleopatra's Needle, However
The Masonic Signs Are Not Evident In This Photo


The discovery of Masonic emblems in the foundation steps to the pedestal of the Egyptian obelisk at Alexandria known as Cleopatra's Needle, is accepted by many as strong evidence that Freemasonry existed at least a century before Christ. This great shaft is now in Central Park, New York City where it was erected in 1880, after transportation in the hold of a vessel especially constructed for the purpose. The stones and implements showing the Masonic signs and emblems were placed in the same positions in which they were found in Egypt, when the obelisk was erected in America.
From,"The Story Of Freemasonry" By W.G. Sibley 1904

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