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K. S. A.



Larry Rogers, 32

Senior Warden

Michael Mazurek, 32

Junior Warden

Michael Minter, 32

Senior Deacon

Richard Hunt, 32

Junior Deacon

Ray Holcomb, 32



Ronald Jordon, 32



Angelo Echevarria, 32






Monday Night October 11, 2004, which was Columbus Day, a day dedicated to an individual who took a chance and ventured into unknown territory and as a result of his willingness to go forth he discovered America.

A group of ten individuals took a chance and became the chartered members of a new order, the Order of the Knights of St. Andrew. These ten individuals holding the rank of 32 degree Masters of the Royal Secret (Black Hats) are now the core of the Order.

There was a good representation of Red Hats (KCCH) and White Hats (33) from the Valley of Jacksonville present to support this new group. A wonderful meal was prepared by Brother Raymond D. Ware,  his lovely wife Chrystal and his youngest son Nicholas.

The installation of Officers was conducted by Ill. Roy Connor Sheppard,33 as the Installing Officer, Brother David Yarborough, 32 KCCH was the Installing Marshal and Brother Lowell D. Crane, 32 KCCH was the Installing Chaplain. Those individuals installed were: Raymond D. Ware as Venerable Master, Lewis Duffy, Sr., as Senior Warden, Michael "Pete" Trent as Junior Warden, Gaylon Barcom as Secretary/Treasurer, Windell Pope as Senior Deacon, Brian Ezell as Junior Deacon, Nelson Bruce as Chaplain. Brother Patricio Fernandez was the Tyler but Brother Fernandez was visiting in the Philippines and will be installed at a later date.

Venerable Master Raymond Ware thanked everyone for coming out and supporting this new group and he promised that he would do the best job that he could to see this order become a successful part of the Scottish Rite Bodies of Jacksonville. Brother Ware invited all Black Hats to become a part of this wonderful group and to work for and with the Scottish Rite Bodies of Jacksonville.




A Brief History of Knights of St. Andrew

The origins of the Order date back to the period of 1220-1232 A.D., when a Confraternity was established in the City of Acre, of the then Crusader Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem (occupying the same territory as the modern state of Israel) to protect pilgrims and merchants.

This Confraternity, consisting of burgesses and knights of largely French heritage, met in the City's Castle - and chose the Holy apostle, St. Andrew, as their Patron. They constituted themselves as a Crusading Order of Knights with the object of resisting tyranny and protecting public safety.

During the turmoil of the Sixth Crusade, these worthies of the Order defended the poor, the sick and the weak from adversaries. In the best tradition of the Military and Religious Orders of the time, they founded their lives on prayer, charity, service and protection.

About this time, procession of Acre was being contested by the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II. operating from his base in Sicily. Through his marriage to Yolande, daughter of John of Brienne, a leading Crusader, the Emperor had become embroiled in the affairs of the Crusader States. The Emperor sent a fleet of ships against Acre in 1227, whereupon the Knights and Officers of the Order of St. Andrew of Jerusalem appealed to Pope Gregory IX, who excommunicated the Emperor for this action.

During the subsequent negotiations with the Muslims by the Emperor Frederick, the Knights of St. Andrew remained aloof. Though some progress for the Crusaders appeared at first to have seen made, their adherence to treaty commitments made at that time eventually enabled an army of Turks in pay of the Sultan of Egypt, to crush the remaining Crusader enclaves by about 1244.

It was at about this juncture that the existing historical records of the Knights of St. Andrew were lost. It is speculated that the records may have been transported to Byzantium in hope of safekeeping, only to be lost yet again when the city feel to the Turks in 1453.




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