KNIGHTS COMMANDER COURT OF HONOUR, abbreviated KCCH, is not a Degree, but an investiture. The rank and decoration of Knights Commander of the Court of Honour is bestowed on members deserving recognition for good and faithful service to the Scottish Rite. Nominations for this honor are made by the respective Sovereign Grand Inspector Generals, or Deputies of each Orient and must be approved by the Supreme Council. The rank and decoration of Knight Commander of the Court of Honour cannot be requested as it is an honorary title. It is normally prerequisite to receiving the Thirty-third Degree Inspector General Honorary at some time later, though few reach this distinction. The Brothers wearing the "Red Hats" have received the rank and decoration of Knights Commander of the Court of Honour.

   Knight Commander of the Court of Honour is a Scottish Rite Honor peculiar to the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America, except that the Philippines, formerly of the Southern Jurisdiction prior to 1949, have continued it as one of the honors bestowed by the Supreme Council.



Edward F. Lea, Jr. 1967 Robert L. Young 2001 Thomas S.  Powell 2009
Harold J. Tull 1981 John C. Barber 2003 Rory A.  St John 2009
Richard Abdullah 1983 Robert H. Bullard 2003 Leland E. Stanford III 2009
R. Hudson Olliff 1985 C. Robert Cooper 2003 Robert Gurney Atwell 2011
David H. Colson 1985 Samuel D. Hope 2003 Steven Martin Barnett 2011
Stanley K. Hunter 1987 William J. Phillips 2003 Eddie Estabillo Bides 2011
Ernest L. Thomas 1987 Brian R. Poole 2003 Howard Delois Hall 2011
William M. Hudson 1991 Jerry F. Barber 2005 Edward John Heise 2011
H. Hartzell Smith 1991 Thomas D. Bryant 2005    
R. William Vogel 1991 Lewis S. Carmichael 2005    
Theodore J. Bowen 1993 William W. Gay 2005    
Joseph J. Fredrickson 1993 Thomas D. Howard 2005    
William B. Gandy 1993 John A. Palumbo 2005    
Hiram J. Robinson 1993 Windell N. Pope 2005    
Wendell D. Harrington 1995 Seth L. Rothstein 2005    
Werner R. Morlock, II 1995 Kevin S. Sanders 2005    
Robert E. Mouro, Sr. 1995 Dewey A. Stemen 2005    
Jay T. Parnell 1995 Michael P. Trent 2005    
Samuel W. Shive 1995 Raymond D. Ware, Jr. 2005    
Franklin T. Wheelhouse 1995 Carl E.  Bruton, Jr. 2007    
Robert M. Isgan 1997

Wilbur E.  Burnett

Robert M. Barrington 1997 John E.  Kabina 2007    
Jose F. Bilgera 1997

Carroll A.  McQuaig

Ralph A. Jones, Jr. 1997 Daniel W.  Mitola 2007    
George F. Mouro, III 1997

Jerry R.  Morgan

Martin A. Murray 1997

Randall L.  Rogers

Earl T. Arnett, Jr. 1999 Robert D. Trump 2007    
Robert W. DeLoatch 1999 Ernest W.  Beeman 2009    
Patrick L. McBride 1999 Nelson W. Bruce 2009    
John B. Weaver, Jr. 1999 Patricio J.  Fernandez 2009    
Arthur W. Barfield 2001 William P.  Goldwire 2009    
Henry R. Bevin 2001 Howard H.  Hudgins 2009    
Chester J. Courtney 2001 Kennieth L.  Lowery 2009    
Eric R. Lown 2001 William H.  McClean 2009    
John H. Wood 2001 Einor T.  Nordeng, Jr. 2009    





Knights Commander of the Court of Honour Investiture

 Tampa Florida, November 12, 2011




Knights Commander of the Court of Honour, 2011


Robert Gurney Atwell

Steven Martin Barnett

Eddie Estabillo Bides

Howard Delois Hall

Edward John Heise









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