Inspector General Honorary

This ultimate degree of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is awarded only by the Supreme Council at the Annual Meeting of that body and cannot be applied for. It is given to those 32° KCCH  members who have performed "outstanding services for the Fraternity," or "for service to humanity that brings great credit upon the Order." The following Brethren of the Valley of Jacksonville have received the Thirty-Third (White Hat) degree:



Hardin A. Goff 1971 Chester Lee Fitzpatrick 1997

Richard Ivy Lanier

Edward Walter Rambach 1975 Albert Bernice Russ, Jr. 1997 Hugh Fenton Moore 2007
William Lamar Purcell  1977 Robert Keith Beaty 1999

Jack Maurice Newport

Russell Paul Lea 1979 John Newman Bryant 1999 Robert Adair Niles 2007
William G. Sizemore, G. C.    1979 Lawrence Leonard Jaffee 1999 Robert Fitzsimmons Scott 2007
Elwood Goldie Smith    1981 Mohammad Tarek Koleilat 1999 John Robert Stokes 2007
Roger Boyle Koons, Jr.     1983 James Madison Pierson 1999

Kermit Kramer Walker

Roland Shelfer Kennedy  1985 Samuel Day Reasor 1999 David Allen Yarborough 2007
Bernard John Magary, Jr.   1985 William Ronald Taylor 1999 Lewis Evans Duffey, Sr. 2009
James Roy Crowther 1987 Harvey Erwin Schlesinger    2000 Floyd Charles Fields 2009
Fred Earl Johns, Jr. 1987 Henry Wiley Hart           2001 Clarence N. Gruber 2009
Roy Connor Sheppard 1987 Robert Stewart Mullins    2001 Kenneth Wilson Hess 2009
Daniel Wayne Breckenridge 1989 Quinnie Reed Williams, Sr.    2001 Grady Bazel Law 2009
Clayton James Kicklighter 1989 Elmer Gene Coffman     2001 Virgil Raymond Olson 2009
Leslie Herbert Scott, Jr. 1989 Carl Neil Johnson          2001 Tony Collado Gagarin 2011
Theodore Mains Dyer 1991 Thomas B. Cullen           2002 John Alfred Palumbo 2011
Lee Edwin Gibbins         1993 William Edward Darden, Jr.    2003    
Mack Duffie Gooding    1993 Robert Marion Gipson, Sr.    2003    
Wilford Charles Lyon, Jr.    1993 Joseph Harold Wright   2003    
Robert Edward Hendren, III    1995 Cristen Delphin Andersen 2005    
Harold Edward Hunter, Jr.    1995 Lowell Dayton Crane 2005    
Fitzhugh Knox Powell, G. C.    1995 Darryl Allen D’Angina 2005    
Wilmer Thomas Atwell    1997 Clifton Harvey Estes, Jr. 2005    
Samuel Edgar Cowan, III 1997 Hugh F. Kiser 2005    
William Ferrell 1997 Allen Eugene Yarborough 2005    



Inspectors General Honorary Coronation

Tampa, Florida,  Saturday, November 12, 2011




( Row 2 L)

John Alfred Palumbo


(Row 3, 3rd from Left)

Tony Collado Gagarin










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