~ Lessons ~

"Life is a school.  Masonry is work."






Be earnest, true and reliable.

Be the champion of the people.



Is Masonry's work ever completed?



Flaming heart, the twelve Elus, swords

with points touching in a circle.    

The Eleventh Degree

"Elu of the Twelve"

~ Summary ~

This degree emphasizes that life is a school for moral and

spiritual training; that the entire lesson is a course in

virtue, happiness, and a future existence. As Masons,

we are to view ourselves and the entire human race

as one great family. We are a champion of the people.

Our work is never done, and our examples in life must

be such that no man will have cause to repent

because he has relied on our resolve, our profession,

 or our word.




The apron is white, lined, edged and fringed with black and the flap is black. In the middle is an embroidered flaming heart.

The flaming heart upon the apron and cordon are symbols of that zeal and devotedness that ought to animate all Masons and of those noble and heroic souls that have in all ages suffered and sacrificed themselves for their fellows or their country. The motto is a solemn pledge that one would rather die than betray the cause of the people or be overcome through his own fault.


The cordon is a broad black watered ribbon, worn from right to left. Over the flaming heart on the cordon are painted or embroidered the words Vincere aut Mori; literally, 'Victory or Death'.

The jewel is a sword of gold, suspended from the cordon, and represents truth. The Elu of the Twelve have been given the title of Prince Ameth or Prince of Truth, for "Truth is sharper than any two-edged sword" (Hebrews 4:12).


 "  In this degree we are informed that the previous Elu Degrees (9th and 10th) symbolize an independent

legislature, an indispensable feature of free government. The nine Elus ( from th 9th Degree) represent the upper

house; they are fewer in number, more mature in wisdom and elected for longer terms than those of the

lower house, symbolized by the Elu of the Fifteen. This degree should remind us of another institution necessary

for true liberty -- the trial by a jury of twelve men whose unanimous verdict is necessary to convict someone of a

crime." (p. 72)


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