~ Lessons ~

"Benevolence and charity demand that we correct our own

faults and those of others.

That which a man knows dies with him; therefore,

transmit your knowledge.

Labor is honorable if done with sobriety, temperance,

punctuality and industry."






Be benevolent and charitable.



Is this life more than a portal to another?



Triple triangle, nine pointed star,

the colors crimson, green and white.

The Eighth Degree

"Intendant of the Building"

~ Summary~

This degree investigates the necessity of acting on what

we learn; and that we should freely transmit our

knowledge to others. The strength of the Temple depends

on both hard work and ownership. When a man attains

a title or position based on his own earning of it, he

becomes both knowing and free; he is not indebted to

anyone, his reward is attained by his own qualities and

diligence. Masonry believes that balance and

Brotherhood is established and maintained between

the two principles of work and charity.

The apron is white, lined with red and bordered with green; in the center is an embroidered nine-pointed star and over that a balance. On the flap is a triangle, with Phoenician letters at each angle. The three colors white, red and green, the chief symbolic colors of Scottish Rite Masonry, teach is to imitate the purity of morals and zeal for the service of Masonry which have made our deceased Master immortal in the recollection of men.



The cordon is a broad watered crimson ribbon, worn from right to left; the jewel is suspended from it by a green ribbon.


The jewel is a delta of gold. On one side is engraved or enameled a Phoenician word meaning 'nobles' or 'freeborn'; on the reverse the letters are Samaritan and stand for Achad, or 'our only God, chief and source of all'. Pike derives this interpretation from its root which means 'first'. The triangular shape is the most fundamental symbol of the Deity.



"Pike reminds us in Morals and Dogma that these degrees are not for those who will refuse to explore the mines of

wisdom in the teachings of the Scottish Rite. We may become more adept at uncovering and interpreting the

meaning of the ceremonies and symbols of Masonry but this is not sufficient. Only when we have learned to practice all the virtues they inculcate are we prepared to receive its lofty philosophical instruction and to scale the heights upon whose summit Light and Truth sit enthroned.

    In addition to presenting direct instruction on Masonic virtues, this degree is the first of the Ineffable Degrees to

provide a summary of the important political lessons concealed within the preceding degrees." (p. 48)


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